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4x4 Dirt Offroad Parking

Climb the highest mountains, race in the mud, show your skills as an offroad driver in this exciting racing simulator Complete multiple challenges in a selection of varied vehicles. 4x4 Offroad Parking Trials is the most realistic and exciting offroad dirt track simulator around Take a fleet of Epic 4x4 Trucks, Buggies, SUVs & Pickups through their paces at the amazing Forest Dirt Track Driver Training Centre. Its time to get muddy Its the ultimate offroad driving simulator experience The offroad challenges awaiting you are inspired by the real competition rules and every time you get into the dirt youll be doing it on tracks reminiscent of real-life locales. Prepare yourself for the challenge and become an offroad race track master REALISTIC CAR HANDLING Learn to control powerful vehicles in 50 Realistic Trials Driving Missions. Each one of them is versatile and can prove its high performance on every terrain and track. Get behind the wheel of Safari Trucks, Custom Race Buggies, Monster Trucks, Army 4x4 and Modern SUVs, each with unique handling and ultra-realistic suspension behavior. HIGHLY DETAILED FOREST ENVIRONMENT A beautiful and richly detailed Forest environment featuring a huge variety of tracks and obstacles to push the cars to the max Including deep mud, puddles, water splashes, rock courses, humps and dunes, log bridges, see-saws and narrow platforms. All hand-crafted to test your precision offroad driving skills in every way REAL OFFROAD MISSIONS Can you navigate every mission without getting any penalties to get a Gold Medal for every event? The tasks put before you are inspired by the real rules of offroad driving competitions. Youll need to pass through the gates carefully - hitting flags, stopping or reversing all give a penalty score. Youre not racing against the clock here, so take your time and drive with precision. Get a perfect clean run for those elusive Gold Medals OUR FREE TO PLAY PROMISE The Main Game Mode is 100% FREE to Play, all the way through, no strings attached Extra Game Modes that alter the rules slightly to make the game easier are available through In-App Purchases. GAME FEATURES ▶ 10 Epic Off-Road 4x4 Trucks, Buggies, SUVs & Pickups ▶ 50 Amazing All-Terrain Trials Driving Missions ▶ Real Off Road Competition Rules ▶ Beautiful Realistic Forest to Explore ▶ Ultra-Realistic Terrain Details ▶ Driving Challenges designed to put your Skills to the Test ▶ 100% Free-2-Play, with No Strings Attached