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Download the latest version of the free IKO application and get convenient phone access to your bank account at PKO Bank Polski or Inteligo. The IKO app on your phone means fast and secure finances any day. font color="#00468c"Activate the IKO app and take avail of the available functionalities:</font> font color="#00468c"BANK ACCOUNTS:</font> - account balance, history and details of all bank accounts, - transfer to any domestic account number via Elixir or as an instant transfer, - transfer based on data scanned from an invoice or from a QR code in an invoice, - bank transfer by phone, - bank transfer to Tax Office, - foreign transfer, - standing orders and a series of transfers, - cash withdrawals from ATMs using the BLIK code, - cash deposits (at selected ATMs) to your own or another IKO users bank account using the BLIK code, - pre-paid phone top-ups, - send a transfer request to another user, - quick access to the account number, - “piggy banks” to set money aside for any purpose, - generate and share transfer confirmations, - preview of unexecuted transactions (pending and canceled/rejected), - ability to apply for a savings account and an account overdraft*. font color="#00468c"CARDS:</font> - history, details and images of your debit and credit cards, - card management: change limits and assign PINs to cards, temporary card freeze, restricting the card with the option of getting a new one*, card activation, - multi-currency card service* - transfer from a credit card, - repay utilized credit card limit, - quick access to card number for repayment. font color="#00468c"LOANS:</font> - schedule and details of borrowings, - apply for a loan*. font color="#00468c"TERM DEPOSITS:</font> - details of term deposits, - open and terminate term deposits. font color="#00468c"INSURANCE:</font> - details of insurance held, - purchase travel insurance. font color="#00468c"PAYMENTS:</font> - contactless payments by phone with NFC**, - in store payments using the BLIK code/check, - online payments using the BLIK code/check, including payments without copying the code in trusted online stores and browsers (Shopping without the BLIK code), - create and share BLIK checks. font color="#00468c"ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONALITIES:</font> - Currency exchange* - IKO works in Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian, - IKO personalization: change the main screen view and product names (accounts, deposits, loans), - save and restore personalized application settings after re-installing IKO, - option to simultaneously activate IKO and iPKO using the first login password, - fingerprint login (required by Android 6.0 and a fingerprint reader), - shortcut button to favorite functions on the applications home screen, - receive Western Union transfers, - create and share QR codes with transfer details, - option to send a new product inquiry to the bank, - currency exchange rates, - bank contact details, - map of PKO Bank Polski branches, ATMs and stores supporting BLIK payments. a href="https://www.google.com/url?q=https%3A%2F%2Fiko.pkobp.pl%2Fiko_en%2F&amp;sa=D&amp;sntz=1&amp;usg=AFQjCNG4EIjQdF4UFII11SLVbFQJPI3puA"For more on IKO go to</a> iko.pkobp.pl/iko_en a href="https://www.google.com/url?q=https%3A%2F%2Fiko.pkobp.pl%2Fiko_en%2Factivation&amp;sa=D&amp;sntz=1&amp;usg=AFQjCNHy0rD078TrOfqsStQeeC99R9dIAw"For more on IKO activation go to</a> iko.pkobp.pl/iko_en/activation * Not available to Inteligo customers. ** Contactless payments are available for phones with NFC and minimum Android 4.4 to individual customers with a PKO Bank Polski, including Inteligo, debit or credit card. Contactless payments are not available on the so-called “rooted devices, i.e. those on which manufacturers security has been removed.

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