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Jurassic Park: The Game Walkthrough

Jurassic Park: The Game Walkthrough

Jurassic Park came out in April of 2011 and was anticipated to last the player about 60-90 minutes to complete. Jerry Harding starts the game by entering the Triceratops enclosure. Of course, one will try to escape, but thankfully Jess is right there to ensure that doesn’t happen. This is just the beginning. The animation in this game is pretty good and the dinosaurs, well they are strangely real.


While Jess is blowing the horn to make the Triceratops go back into his cage, it causes mayhem among the other dinosaurs. One dinosaur in particular, cannot stand the sound of the horn. Jerry tries to get the gate shut in time, but the storming dinosaur is much too strong. The dinosaur throws Jerry to the ground with the pressure of his thrust and he heads straight for the car, where Jess is sitting. The horn has malfunctioned and continues to sound. Panic surrounds Jess as she attempts to silence the loud noise. The dinosaur picks up the car and swings it a good 500 feet.


This is the opening, but of course there are options and things that the player can do. There are ways to try to hotwire the car and escape. There are also other decisions that must be made in split second timing. Unlike other video games on the market, this one tends to be more of an interactive movie than game. The horn finally stops sounding and the gamer is turned to see there is another person in the SUV with Jess; she is badly hurting and bleeding.


Jess attempts to escape and she yells “Dad.” Her father, who is Jerry, is trapped beneath the gate. Just when things look like they cannot get any worse, a T-Rex with an appetite for blood comes on the scene. Harry escapes the gate just in time as the two dinosaurs go head to head in a battle for survival. The triceratops and T-Rex are mad and thankfully, Jerry easily slips out of the way. This is the point in the game where the gamer really has options. The fight can be less brutal if the players know what to do to detour certain events. However, Jerry is still waiting in the wings and he is terrified of being spotted, as he will be lunch.


Jerry must be a stunt devil to get out of harm’s way. He does some creative moves to alleviate himself from the path of the beasts. He makes it to his daughter, who is struggling to get out of the SUV, which is flipped on its side. All throughout this section, the gamer is giving options that depict which way this will go. It could easily go to the good or bad. Assuming all is good, the father is able to pull Jess out of the vehicle. Once freed, they attempt to make it to the maintenance shed for cover. Unfortunately, Jess’s timing is bad and she is face to face with the dinosaurs in battle.


This part of the game allows the gamer to play a battle that erupts when the T-Rex comes face to face with Jess. She is terrified, but the gamer’s objective is to get her to the shed without harm. Depending on how good the player is, Jess should be unharmed and the fierce battle between the 2 prehistoric creatures continues. Jess finally makes it to the shed and to safety, but Jerry is now holding the girl who was badly injured in the accident. He must now make it from the wreckage to the shed to safety.


The game goes back and forth in getting the characters out of the path of the dinosaurs. It is pretty benign for gamers and hasn’t ranked so highly in the ratings. It is different in the respect that it is a movie and the gamer is along for the ride. Different from the Gardenscapes game you play at home, Jurassic Park is not just a stroll in the garden. It brings you into dinosaurs’ world with more action-packed adventure. While they will need to do some fancy tricks to keep the characters safe, there are not a whole lot of variables. The game is fun for the younger crowds whose parents are not looking for a bunch of blood and gunshot violence. However, for those who are engaging in games like “Call of Duty” and such, it is a bit tame.