Home GamingNo Pain No Gain: A Summary of Spelunky Ice Caves Gameplay
No Pain No Gain: A Summary of Spelunky Ice Caves Gameplay

No Pain No Gain: A Summary of Spelunky Ice Caves Gameplay

Spelunky is a platforming game developed for the PC. Like real live spelunking, players explore caves in search of adventure and gems. Spelunky can be more dangerous than an actual cave. Both activities can end in death if one wrong move is made, but the predators in Spelunky require extra caution. The game randomizes its levels, items, and enemies so that players cannot predict where a secret tunnel will take them or what dangers they will encounter when they get there.

Players begin the game with just a repel and their reflexes. It side scrolls, and the character must jump between chunks of land. Every jump risks a fall to unknown depths. The repel can be used to navigate the tunnels but for the most part jumping will do.

The cave is dark yet beautiful. Snow falls from the rocky sky in pure white flakes. It covers the ground in some spots. Other areas are pale blue ice and slippery to walk across. The cave walls display veins of gold ore that has yet to be prospected. Gold bars scatter the walkways, left behind by those that tried to take it from the cave and failed. Their bones can still be seen littering the cave floors. It serves as a warning to future explorers. Every player is faced with the cold truth that they may not make it out of Ice Cave alive.

Several predators roam the Ice Cave with the goal of stopping adventurers. They know when an explorer enters their domain and they have many ways to make them leave it. Abominable snowmen pace the walkways, blocking paths and getting into fights. Poisonous spiders infect players that step on them. White woolly mammoths shoot harmful snowballs out of their long pale trunks. They should be long extinct but have been hiding here, in these caves, for centuries. Aliens hide here too. They watch players with their single cyclops eye. A lost adventurer may even stumble upon the rare but formidable psychic octopus. His telepathic skills are a force that should not be challenged.

A few mobs can help an explorer. The little penguins can be picked up and thrown. Jumping onto a spinning spaceship will make it drop in the direction it was hit in. Once it smacks into a rocky surface it will explode. This can benefit any adventurer skilled enough to jump off before the deadly explosion.

These predators are protecting the one thing the cave has to offer: loot. The gold bars abandoned everywhere can be picked up. Treasure chests hide in corners. Bags of gold and gems were dropped on the floor by explorers running for their lives. Some of these explorers are still there. A woman lying unconscious on the ice will kiss her rescuer. She may even give him gold.

If a character dies, he loses all the items and equipment he found while spelunking. He is sent back to the beginning of the game, doomed to be challenged once more, similar to that of Subway Surfers. The game demands skill. It demands dedication. Try out Spelunky Ice Caves now! Available in Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.