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Play Puyo Puyo Tetris | Nintendo Switch, 3DS, PS4

Play Puyo Puyo Tetris | Nintendo Switch, 3DS, PS4

Puyo Puyo Tetris, as its title suggests, is two games in one. While other gaming companies have attempted to mix two games in one, they ended up with mixed success. The execution of this concept was rarely as well executed as the one developed by Sonic Team and introduced by Sega. The game was introduced in Japan on February 6, 2014. One to as many as four players can play this game as it’s a game where a player’s overall gaming skills are tested. It’s available on the Nintendo 3DS and also on the Nintendo Wii U gaming system, released in late 2013. Sega wants to see how the game is received by Japanese and Asian audiences before introducing the game to the United States and other regions.


As is the case with multiplayer games, there’s a plethora of rules that will make the gaming experience an exciting one. There’s a Adventure mode which is a more advanced mode in which there’s an elaborate story line featuring 7 chapters; each chapter features 10 stages.


Furthermore there’s single player endless mode which is perfect for those who want to play alone. In this mode, there’s endless Puyo Puyo, and endless Fever, getting high scores while clearing Fever patterns. In the Tetris mode, a player can achieve high scores before clearing 150 lines. for every 10 lines cleared the falling speed will increase.


There’s also the single player challenge, where the rules are exclusive to adventure mode, increasing the fun quotient. In Challenge Puyo Puyo, a player can reach a certain score within a time limit. In Challenge Mini Puyo, a certain score has to be reached within a time limit, using Mini Puyos. With the Marathon Challenge, a certain number of lines have to be cleared before a time limit. On the other hand in the Ultra Challenge, a certain score has to be reached within a time limit. The Ultra Challenge is growing into one of the most popular game modes in Puyo Puyo Tetris.


In multiplayer mode, Swap is an entertaining mode in which each player swaps between Puyo Puyo and Tetris gameplay every 25 seconds. Before swap, the game will not wait for the current piece to drop. This creates additional intrigue. There’s the basic battle rule where each player can choose either Tetris, using SRS rules, or Puyo Puyo, using Tsu rules. Players can choose different modes with this rule. The Party mode is a thrilling one in that players compete for the highest score and can use a variety of items in battle.


The most important mode in terms of playability and thrills is PuyoTet mix. In this mode both Puyos and Tetra dominoes fall down following dropsets that are character-specific; an exciting template for fans of both games! In addition the drop set consist of 8 Puyo drops 2 Tetra dominoes and one additional drop, a piece that switches between a Tetra domino or a Puyo. A player will not know in advance what the switch will be so focus is crucial with this special drop. This mode is very similar to the 20th Anniversary Puyo Puyo.


Many of the characters in this game are familiar to many; such as the Puyo Puyo characters of Feli, Draco, Ecolo, Ringo, Sig, and many others. Tetris characters include O, T, Z, X, and of course J & L, named from the well-known Tetromino game. Convenience is a big factor with this game as not only is it available with the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U but also the Nintendo Vita; cross online compatibility through the entire Nintendo network is an appealing selling point that will entice a wide spectrum of players ranging from the novice to the advanced.


In an ode to nostalgia, this game reminds players of the classic Super Mario/Tetris game on the SNES, released in the mid 90s, where there was a Vs. mode in which a player can play either one of the games; technological advancements now enable two games to be played simultaneously. Lesson Mode will enable players to catch up on their stacking skills, another great learning tool. Puyo Puyo Tetris, in high definition, is bound to become the ultimate puzzle game for players everywhere!