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PlayStation Now Recommends 5Mb/s Connection

PlayStation Now Recommends 5Mb/s Connection

PlayStation Now will soon be upon us and a 5Mb/s connection is going to be required to get the best gaming session with it.


Sony has recently scored a massive hit with the release of the PlayStation 4. Over five million units were sold as of early 2014. Even the powers that be in the Sony corporation were outright shocked at how many units were bought by consumers. Sony realized that innovation is important to keeping customers happy and this is why they are going forward with the new PlayStation Now streaming system. In order to get the most out of the PlayStation Now experience, a 5Mb/s connection is suggested.


For those who may be new to gaming or who simply might not have heard about PlayStation Now, a slight explanation as to what it is likely would be helpful. The short description is PlayStation Now is going to open numerous portals capable of receiving a streaming feed.


More specifically, PlayStation Now is a Gaikai based streaming service for video games and it can send the content of a PlayStation game to televisions, mobile devices, and PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita systems. The arrival of PlayStation Now (shorted, appropriately to PS Now) was first announced at the vaunted 2014 Consumer Electronics Show on January 7, 2014.


Considering the enormous success of the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Now is likely going to be an equally huge success. Of course, the success is going to be based heavily on the user experience of those who sign on with it. A poor quality user experience could sour consumers and turn them off to the PlayStation brand. An occurrence such as this would blatantly squander the good will the company will have amassed with the consumers who purchased a PlayStation 4 console or, for that matter, are already with their PlayStation 3.


Making sure those who use PlayStation Now get the absolutely best user experience, Sony has issued its recommendation for a connection speed. The arrival of PlayStation Now is not going to be until the summer of 2014 so this should be more than enough time for those awaiting the opportunity to take advantage of it to realize what would be the best connection speed to take advantage of. Those who might not have the fastest connection speed should take the steps to simply take the steps to upgrade the speed levels.


Those in Europe might have to wait a bit longer in order to take advantage of PlayStation Now. The broadband connection in Europe might not be the best one for PlayStation streaming so the release is going to slow to come. The most optimistic expectations would be for PlayStation Now to launch in 2015. What the best connection speed for the European market is likely going to be revealed sometime in the future.


This is not to say that the experience would be awful with a slower connection speed. If the connection speed is a little slower, players can still have a good experience. However, the most optimal experience would be to access the connection speed that Sony is recommending.


Rumors are circulating that a Beta version is in the works and might be forthcoming quite soon. Whether or not these rumors pan out and an actual Beta version really is released remains to be seen. Honestly, no one should assume there is anything out of the ordinary regarding the release of a Beta version of a PlayStation streaming experience. The release of a Beta version is entirely plausible.


Beta releases are designed to gauge customer and user feedback and also to correct bugs. Issues surrounding the connection speed are likely going to among those items that will be examined closely. Not everyone gets access to a Beta program so a select few will be able to get a great deal of enjoyment out of PlayStation Now experience long ahead of others. They might also be able to offer insight into what just might be the real best connection speed to utilize.


Gamers who greatly enjoy the PlayStation experience are going to find PlayStation Now to be truly enjoyable. The key is to have the best connection speed and 5Mb/s just might be that speed. Find out more about PlayStation news with the best SEO tools.