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The Most Anticipated Games of 2019

The Most Anticipated Games of 2019

While 2018 gave us more than what we wished for when it comes to game releases, the future of the gaming industry still looks bright when we think about the games that are to be released in 2019. The line-up for the upcoming games next year looks strong, and we might see some new blockbuster hits that are going to be released a few months from now. There are also sequels to some favorite games that were released these past few years, spin-offs, and remakes of classic games. Here are the most anticipated games for 2019, and see if your favorite games have made the list.


Resident Evil 2


There has been so much hype that this game is getting because as we come to think of it, most of today’s players have played the original Resident Evil 2 game back on the first PlayStation console. Exactly 20 years after it was first released, Capcom’s iconic horror shooting game is getting a remake with beefed up gameplay and stunning graphics that will absolutely fit in the modern crop of amazing games.


Kingdom Hearts III


The day will finally come that we will get a true sequel to the Kingdom Hearts II, having been saturated with spin-off titles that do not pick up on the events and story of the second game. This time, Sora and his gang will be joined by characters from various franchises including the Pirates of the Carribean and Toy Story movies. The twelfth game in the Kingdom Hearts franchise will definitely come out big next year.


Devil May Cry 5


Another true sequel to a great game will be coming our way this 2019 with Devil May Cry 5. The new game will still feature the franchise’s bad-ass gun-and-blade-wielding protagonist, Dante. Devil May Cry 5 will pick up where the 2nd game left off, and we will see a new character in the game.


These are just some of the games that you need to watch out for in 2019. Looking for more? Check this article that details the new games that will be released in 2019 for a comprehensive list of upcoming games next year.