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Unboxing the Titanfall Limited Edition Xbox One Controller

Unboxing the Titanfall Limited Edition Xbox One Controller

Titanfall is one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. This shooter/mech combat game has received high marks from numerous gaming publications as well as websites and has received stellar use reviews as well. A side effect of Titanfall’s massive popularity is that gamers across the world have been clamoring for Titanfall related merchandise. The Titanfall Xbox One Bundle along with the Titanfall Limited Edition Xbox One Controller have been selling out in stores across the country. In this article we will take a look at the unboxing of the Titanfall Limited Edition Xbox One Controller and examine its features and help you to decide whether or not this controller might be a good fit for you.


The Titanfall Xbox One Controller is an officially licensed product manufacturer by Microsoft. It comes in a beautifully decorated cardboard and plastic box that is covered with Titanfall graphics. The controller typically retails for 65 USD which is actually 5 dollars more than other new Xbox One controllers. The controller is set to ship on March 11, 2014 which is the same day the game officially releases and the same day the Titanfall Xbox One will come out. The game has been out in beta mode for awhile but March 11th is the day the full game is coming out. This is actually the very first limited edition controller to be released for the Xbox One so many people who may not be huge fans of the game still might want to consider picking it up to grab a piece of Xbox One history.


Once you open the box the controller is attached to a plastic holding case with plastic ties to keep it inside. Included with the controller is a paper booklet setup guide that will help you to connect to the Xbox One if you are not already familiar with the process. Two double A Batteries are included in the package as well which is a nice touch. The controller comes with a sturdy matte finish and is not as slippery as some other licensed Xbox One controllers which tend to be very glossy.


The controller is a great homage to the game series and the color scheme follows the game’s black and orange theme. The controller has a number of graphics on it that are very reminiscent of the Titan robot mechs that you control in the game with unit designations and other military themed number and letter combos. Basically it looks like something you would use in the game to control one of the Titans. It even has a tag on it that says it is made in an armory. The only colors on the controller that are not Titanfall related are the buttons on the right side which are your typical red, green, blue and yellow. The design is actually based on the C101 carbine weapon which is used by the IMC Titan Pilots who fight on the frontiers of the Titanfall universe. So while it is reminiscent of a mech it is actually based on a weapon.


This is a wireless controller which means that you will either have to purchase a rechargeable battery pack or new AA batteries to keep it going. Much like the other Xbox One controllers it has an effective range of 30 feet so you can get pretty far away from your Xbox One while still being able to play. The Titanfall Controller also comes with new built in vibrating motors which put the vibrate function on the original Xbox 360 controllers to shame while at the same not affecting the players ability to operate the controller. There is an expansion port at the bottom of the unit that will enable you to plug in aftermarket or officially licensed Xbox One products like headsets. You will also be able to connect this bad boy with up to 7 other different controllers which is double the amount you were able to connect with the Xbox 360.


Overall this is a fantastic controller both functionally and artistically. Microsoft made sure that this controller was high quality due to the fact that it is the first release for the Xbox One. If you are a fan of the Titanfall series or just big into the Xbox One, you might want to consider purchasing the Titanfall Limited Edition Xbox One Controller.