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What You Need to Know About Fallout 76

What You Need to Know About Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a widely anticipated game released on November 14. Due to the immense popularity of the previous games in the Fallout franchise, Fallout 76 was expected to be the game that will take the series into another level of success and popularity due to its promise of a better gaming experience. Bethesda, the developer behind the Fallout series, was ambitious when it comes to the success that they want Fallout 76 to achieve. The game is the first in the franchise to offer multiplayer capabilities so that you can explore the vast open world of Fallout 76.


While the intentions are great and the marketing is even better, Fallout 76 fell short of the expectation of the gaming community and critics alike. The game is plagued with a couple of problems since the release day and it was just recently that Bethesda chose to speak up the concerns of the gaming community when it comes to the bugs and problems that players are encountering in the game.


For one, there are reports from other players that the game does not accept the activation code that they get when they bought the game, and Bethesda is not helping either to resolve this kind of issues. Another major bug that players found out in the game is that the game is not stable to be even released. Fallout 76 experiences some major crashes and stuttering that ruin the overall experience in the game. Aside from that, there have also been FPS drops happening all throughout the game. The gaming community has complaints that they are sold a game that is not optimized, to begin with, and reports of refund have been circulating around the Internet.


Bethesda’s Response and Apology


Bethesda has been keeping mum about the issues that the game has until recently when they released a statement and apology for the problems that Fallout 76 is experiencing. They have finally acknowledged the anger of gamers and promised to fix the issues in the coming updates and listen to the community regarding their woes in the game. Hopefully, this will get back Bethesda on their track and provide the gaming experience that they have promised to their fans.